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Developer of Ripple and Spectra Insight Software, Raymond Castonguay is degreed in Aerospace Engineering, has 30 years of optical and industry experience with eleven patents, and has won multiple national technology awards. Raymond founded Engineering Synthesis Design Inc. (ESDI) in 1996 developing IntelliWave Interferometry Software and metrology instrumentation which sold to Mahr GmbH in 2015. He founded Spectra Insight in 2018 providing Hyperspectral Imaging products/services, and also founded RJCB Consulting in 2016. 




  • US 5,313,542 - 05/17/1994
    Apparatus and method of rapidly measuring hemispherical scattered or radiated light.

  • US 5,475,617 - 12/12/1995
    Process of reconstructing a single data profile of rapidly measured hemispherical scattered or radiated light.

  • US 5,615,294 - 03/25/1997
    Apparatus for collecting light and its method of manufacturing.

  • US 5,640,246 - 06/17/1997
    Apparatus for measuring reflected light utilizing spherically arranged optical fibers.

  • US 5,729,640 - 03/17/1998
    Process of acquiring with an XY scannable array camera light emanated from a subject.

  • US 7,256,895 B2 - 08/14/2007
    Spherical scattering-light device for simultaneous phase and intensity measurements.



  • US 7,483,145 B2 - 01/27/2009
    Simultaneous phase shifting module for use in interferometry.

  • US 7,561,279 B2 - 07/14/2009
    Scanning simultaneous phase-shifting interferometer.

  • US 7,808,654 B1 - 10/05/2010
    High resolution three dimensional topography using a flatbed scanner.

  • US 8,004,687 B2 - 08/23/2011
    Interferometric system with reduced vibration sensitivity and related method.

  • US 8,269,980 B1 - 09/18/2012
    White Light Scanning Interferometer with Instantaneous Phase-Shifting Module.


Provisional Patent Applications

  • Provisional Patent Application 61/850,107 - 02-09-2013
    Automatic self-calibrating spatial carrier interferometer with phase-shifting.

  • Provisional Patent Application in progress

    • Common path interferometry using a liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) modulator.

Purchased Patents

  • Point Diffraction Interferometer

    • US 7,304,746 - 12/04/2007 (continuation of U.S. Pat. No. 7,106,456)
      Common-path point-diffraction phase-shifting interferometer.

National Awards​

Photonics Spectra 1993:              Top Ten: OmniScatR – A hemispherical light scatter measurement instrument.

Lasers and Optronics 1993:         Top Ten: OmniScatR – A hemispherical light scatter measurement instrument.


Selected Publications

  • Castonguay Raymond, Anderson Scott, Pompea M. Stephen, Shepard F. Donald, "Performance of a Fully Automated Scatterometer for BRDF and BTDF Measurements at Visible and Infrared Wavelengths", SPIE Vol. 967 (1988).

  • Raymond J. Castonguay, “New generation high-speed high-resolution hemispherical Scatterometer”, SPIE Vol 1995 (1993), pp.152-165.

  • Raymond J. Castonguay, “Accuracy and repeatability results of OmniScatR a high-speed high-resolution three-dimensional scatterometer” SPIE Vol 2260 (1994), pp.74-82.

  • Raymond J. Castonguay, “OmniScatR: A high-speed high-resolution three-dimensional scatterometer measures complex scatter interference and diffraction patterns”, SPIE Vol 2260 (1994), pp.212-224.

Selected Software's Developed

  • Ripple Interferometry Software

  • IntelliWave Interferometry Software

  • Spectra Insight Hyperspectral Imaging Software

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